Project Exhibition and Funfair at TF Mastung

Taaleem Foundation not only focus on the standardized education but also on the mental and physical well being of the children.  Our teachers try to provide students practical experience through co curricular and extra curricular activities. TFGS Mastung is providing quality education to its students for nearly three decades.

On 14th of October 2022, TF Mastung team organized a funfair and project exhibition at School. Ms Shagufta Noreen, Chief Operating Officer of TF was the chief guest of the event. She went round the exhibition and took a keen interest in the exhibition and interacted with the students about their projects. The theme for this year’s exhibition was ‘Science”. All the participants was very confident and presented their projects with enthusiasm.

Primary objective of the funfair was to apprise the students about entrepreneurial skills and ways to lead a life with honour and dignity, with whatever little they can spend. The school children as early as third graders and above were seen helping their teachers sell confectionery and cultural items with smiles written all over their faces. At funfair, the acted in plays, participated in puppet shows, exhibiting cultures, showing their arts (local music / dance in variety programs. So, funfair provides a wide area for expressing and proving their talents. This type of events helps children learn socialization and free their mind from exhausting study routines.

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