Adopt a School

Your valuable Contributions can make a big difference!!

Taaleem Foundation is continuously struggling for institutional strengthening of its institutions and interventions. Our institutional partners have made it possible to grow significantly. There is, however, room for improvement. We therefore, remain open to extend our support to relevant like-minded organizations and institutions. At the same time, we would encourage the organizations and institutions desirous to support the cause of promoting quality education through the TF School System.

Currently, Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL) is fully supporting following institutions under the umbrella of Taaleem Foundation in Dera Bugti district of Balochistan for long, in terms of capital cost and technical assistance:

  1. TF Grammar School at Sui;
  2. TF Vocational & Technical Institute at Sui; and
  3. TF Virtual University Campus at Sui

National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) had adopted following TF schools for regular institutional support towards technology up-gradation, infrastructure improvement and quality enhancement for the children for three years (2015-17):

  1. TF Grammar School, Muslim Bagh; and
  2. TF Grammar School, Kila Saifullah

Any individual or institution is welcome to adopt any of the TF institutions with a cash / in-kind donation of Rs. 9 million per annum for a school and Rs. 5 millions per annum for a Vocational & Training Institute (VTI). The representative of the sponsor would be given representation in the School Syndicate (the management body of the school / VTI, chaired by the Deputy Commissioner concerned). The institutions available for adoption are:

  1. TF Grammar School, Kila Saifullah
  2. TF Grammar School, Kohlu;
  3. TF Grammar School, Loralai;
  4. TF Grammar School, Mastung;
  5. TF Grammar School, Muslim Bagh;
  6. TF Grammar School, Pishin; and
  7. TF Grammar School, Zhob;
  8. TF Vocational & Technical Institute, Loralai;
  9. TF Vocational & Technical Institute, Mastung;
  10. TF Vocational & Technical Institute, Muslim Bagh;
  11. TF Vocational & Technical Institute, Zhob;
  12. TF Vocational and Technical Institute, Kohlu;
  13. TF Vocational & Technical institute, Pishin; and
  14. TF Vocational & Technical Institute, Kila Saifullah

Your donation could start from just Rs. 2,000 only. Significant contribution would carry your name for recognition and corporate image building.

Please note: Our Scholarship scheme and Donation Products are other options to make a difference in the lives of the children through Taaleem Foundation.