Why Us?

Taaleem Foundation since 1989 has been catering to a very backward community of Pakistan where the female gender is oppressed and considered not worth providing basic needs of life. Through trials and tribulations we have overcome this barrier by at least providing basic female education in our co-education school system spread out in the Baloch and Pakhtun belts of Balochistan.

Taaleem Foundation has a very nominal fee structure both for boys and girls. To increase female student enrollment the fee for girls is lesser than that for boys.

This policy resulted in a great success with improving the girls’ enrollment ratio in this school system from nearly 8 % in 1990 to more than 30% by 2020.

We are proud to say that our female student participation now is up to 33% of total student population. We are still struggling to increase this percentage level to 50% by 2030.

All schools are self-sustaining: meeting their own recurring cost (salaries of staff and operational costs) through user charges.

The curriculum being taught here is compatible with most renowned institutions of the country. We believe in providing the most modern up to date education to our students.

Holy Quran being taught online by qualified and accomplished Quran Scholars, as a compulsory subject at all schools.

In Balochistan, Taaleem Foundation is the single largest employer of graduate women in the non-profit sector , working to uplift the people in the province

Come join hands with Taaleem Foundation to break the bondage of social injustice and gender inequality.

Make the change with us! These Children are our future!