Our values

“An education allows children to develop the skills and confidence they need to strengthen their societies, break the cycle of poverty and build peace in their communities.”

Taaleem Foundation values education for its contributions to civic, political and community life, for its role in advancing social justice in an area of Pakistan where the females are struggling for equal rights.

To overcome such limitations, the Taaleem Foundation through its co-education culture has made female welcoming schools with girls-friendly fee structures. To teach a female means educating the whole family. Education is about teaching a student not subjects and empowering them to bring change in the society.

Taaleem Foundation is proud to recognize:

  1. The unique value, gifts and abilities of each individual student and staff member.
  2. The value of the families it serves.
  3. Differences in the learning styles and abilities; physical, intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual development; and cultural orientations of its students.

By exploring values like respect, resilience, responsibility and compassion we show our students that they already possess most important tools they need to make a positive impact on the lives of others and in the process they become winners in life.