TFGS Mastung

Since 1994

01 School Unit

730 Students

About Mastung

Mastung District is located in the north west of Balochistan province. Prior to 1991, Mastung was part of Kalat District. For administrative purposes Mastung was separated from Kalat and made a new district in 1991. Mastung is just 50 kilometers away from Quetta. It is connected with Quetta and Karachi both by road and rail.

About TFGS Mastung

The effort of developing new schools by Taaleem Foundation was further extended to Mastung in 1994, where Orya Maqbool Jan Abbasi – the then Deputy Commissioner Mastung offered to bring his brainchild “Sarawan Public School” in the folds of Taaleem Foundation. The school was brought in to the system of Taaleem Foundation and since then has been one of the most important schools of the chain; since it is the only English medium school in the district.

Over the past couple of years, the school has become a center of excellence in education. The teachers are heavily practicing new teaching methods which have brought a very positive change into the working of the school. The school is able to accommodate over 800 students easily.

The school is being supervised by Ms. Samreen Siddique. She has a masters degree in English Literature from Karachi University. She started her career at Dua Aacademy as a coordinator for two years and served Shaheen Aacademy as a principal for eight years. She joined Taaleem Foundation Grammar School Mastung in 2018 and serving as principal since then.

The school comprises of 18 classrooms, auditorium, library, science lab, computer room and a separate administration block. New staff residences have recently been added.