Products to Donate For

Taaleem Foundation is running 8 English Medium and Co-Education schools in the tribal and remote areas of Balochistan, where the communities are merely sustaining their livelihood and are unable to pay for fee as little as Rs. 1,000 (US$ 10) per month. It requires constant support from generous donors in order to provide the best educational facilities to the deserving but brilliant students of Balochistan.

Taaleem Foundation would, however, be happy to discuss and negotiate with the potential donor(s) the scope of work, design and timeframe for any specific project that the donor may be interested in.

Books & Uniforms

Course Curriculum Books:US$ 20 (PKR 2,000) per student
School Uniforms for Boys:US$ 20 (PKR 2,000) per student
School Uniforms for Girls:US$ 20 (PKR 2,000) per student

Furniture & Fixtures

Classroom Furniture:US$ 50 (PKR 5,000) per student
Office Furniture:As per mutual need assessment
Hostel Furniture:US$ 60 (PKR 6,000) per person
Lab Furniture:US$ 1000 (PKR 100,000) per lab
Library Furniture:US$ 2000 (PKR 200,000) per library
Fixtures of all kind:As per mutual need assessment

Equipment & Supplies

Interactive White Board with Compatible Multimedia Projector:US$ 2200 (PKR 220,000) per unit
Desk Top Computers:US$ 400 (PKR 40,000) per unit
Laptop Computers:US$ 700 (PKR 70,000) per unit
Computer Tablets:US$ 200 (PKR 20,000) per unit
Printers & Scanners:US$ 200 (PKR 20,000) per unit
LED Screens (48”):US$ 600 (PKR 60,000) per unit
Multi-media tablets:US$ 500 (PKR 50,000) per unit
Solar Power Solutions:US$ 6,000 (PKR 600,000) per unit
Consumable Supplies:As per mutual need assessment

Repairs & Renovations

Repair & Maintenance:As per mutual need assessment
Building Renovations:As per mutual need assessment
Landscaping & Layout:As per mutual need assessment

New Civil Works

Water supply system:US$ 15,000 (PKR 1,500,000) per unit
Toilets and Boundary Walls:US$ 10,000 (PKR 1,000,000) per unit
Classroom blocks:US$ 50,000 (PKR 5,000,000) per unit
Hostel & Residences:As per mutual need assessment
New School Buildings:US$ 100,000 (PKR 10,000,000) per unit

Teachers’ Training

Teaching Methodologies:US$ 3,000 (PKR 300,000) per training
Communication Skills:US$ 3,000 (PKR 300,000) per training
Classroom Management:US$ 3,000 (PKR 300,000) per training
School Management:US$ 3,000 (PKR 300,000) per training
Book keeping and financial controls:US$ 3,000 (PKR 300,000) per training
Refresher Courses:US$ 3,000 (PKR 300,000) per training

School Health Services

EMR (Electronic Medical Record):US$ 1,000 (PKR 100,000) per school
Tele-health Gadgets:US$ 500 (PKR 50,000) per school
Medicines and Supplies:US$ 100 (PKR 10,000) per month
Students’ Referrals:US$ 100 (PKR 10,000) per month
Sponsor a Doctor:US$ 6,000 (PKR 600,000) per doctor per annum

Adopt a Child

Adopt a Child (class I-VIII):US$ 200 (PKR 20,000) per student per annum

Adopt a Class

Adopt a Class (class I-VIII):US$ 6,000 (PKR 600,000) per class (30 students) per annum

Adopt a School

TF Grammar School:US$ 100,000 (Rs. 10 millions) per annum
TF Vocational & Technical Institute:US$ 50,000 (Rs. 5 millions) per annum