Annual Sports Gala held at TF Sui campus

TF Grammar School Sui organized annual sports gala on 11th March 2023. The event organized by the senior teachers was a great success with a very high level of participation from the students. A total of 300 students from the school participated in different sports activities. The events included cricket matches, simple race,  spoon race, frog race,, Matka race, tug of war, PT show  and many more.

The event was opened by the school’s Principal, who addressed the students and encouraged them to take part in various activities. The competitions were held in a fair and competitive manner and the students performed to their best of their abilities. The winners of each event were awarded with medals and trophies. The event was generally enthusiastic, with students cheering and motivating each other to put in their best. The atmosphere was further enhanced with drum playing in the background.

The event was also attended by all teachers and other staff, who were delighted to see the students perform so well. Overall, the sports gala was a great success and a memorable event for all the students who took part. It helped foster a spirit of sportsmanship and comradeship among the students. The event was a great learning experience for the students and will be remembered for a long time.

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