Taaleem Foundation, Providing education to the marginalized societies of Baluchistan

Education is necessary for women as no country can progress without having its women educated. Pakistan is facing inadequacy in the field of education from its being into existence. Education is relatively a basic need of any country. Pakistan includes in most under-developed and worst performed countries in the world.

The new government, elected in July 2018, stated in its manifesto that nearly 22.5 million children are out of school. Girls are particularly affected. Thirty-two percent of primary school aged girls are out of school in Pakistan, compared to 21 percent of boys. By grade six, 59 percent of girls are out of school, versus 49 percent of boys. Only 13 percent of girls are still in school by ninth grade. Both boys and girls are missing out on education in unacceptable numbers, but girls are worst affected.

According to the report of Human rights watch, the disparities in education are the main issue of illiteracy. Socio-Economic conditions, Cultural norms, Land lord culture(Waderaism) across the country specially in Baluchistan is effecting the education system. Government of Pakistan is taking imperative steps in this regard but it still cannot fight this issue single handedly.

There are high numbers of out-of-school children and significant gender disparities in education across the entire country, but some areas are much worse than others. In Baluchistan, the province with the lowest percentage of educated woman, as of 2014-15, 81 percent of woman had not completed primary school, compared to 52 percent of men. Seventy-five percent of woman had never attended school at all, compared to 40 percent of men.

Years ago, it was only a dream for women of Baluchistan to get education but with the endless efforts of Taaleem Foundation, it is now very easy to get access to education. Taaleem foundation has eight schools in Balcuhistan and each school is providing E-Learning by interactive board. Interactive board is the applying pivotal role in increasing student’s interpersonal skills and confidence, however teaching staff of TF is also applying its role in this regard. During past few years, Tf achieved numerous milestones but still needs improvements as to fight with the menace of gender inequality and discrimination barriers which woman of Baluchistan are facing. This would be possible only if government and local communities stand on single page and promote education in Baluchistan and ultimately across the country.

The ratio of girls acquiring education is more or less equal to boys. There are still a few underdeveloped areas where schools exist but students are not enrolled due to lack of trust on secured learning environment and basic facilities, especially in case of girls. This culture needs to be changed towards betterment of society by building a confidence among people and promoting education as a need of time.

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